-donated by Garry Pryor

FAYETTE COUNTY, IL- PRYOR, WILL- last Saturday evening as WILL NEAU was trudging through the woods east of the river, hunting ducks, he came across the dead body of WILL PRYOR, who had gone out hunting on Friday and failing to return.  From the position in which the body was lying it is supposed that PRYOR had either been standing on a log and slipped off, the gun in his hand in some manner being discharged, blowing the entire back of his head off, or had stepped off with the same results.  He must have died instantly.  NEAU gave the alarm and Coroner STUBBLEFIELD gathered a jury and repaired to the scene.  The results of the inquest was substantially as above, after the inquest the body was brought to SCHENKER'S undertaking establishment, and prepared for burial, after which it was removed to the home of his parents 2 miles east of this city. PRYOR'S father, FAYETTE PRYOR, was visiting friends in Virginia, when the terrible accident occurred, and it was Monday before a telegram found him.  The funeral was postponed until the arrival of the distracted father.  WILL was a young man of exemplary habits, a member of Co. I.I.N.G. and well known in this city.  He was about 25 years old.  {03/12/1896 pl cl}

obituary of JAMES WILLIAM PRYOR- son of LAYFAYETTE and LYDIA PRYOR, was born in Vandalia twp, Fayette county, Il. August 26th, 1871, and has spent his entire life in this community. He was a steady, industrious and ambitious youth and from boyhood to manhood enjoyed to the fullest extent the esteem and confidence of all who knew him, being ever ready to do a kind act of perform a sservice for a friend.  Shortly after reaching his majority he entered the employ of J.W. EAKIN and for 3 years carefully and intelligently looked after the business owner after a long illness.