I would like to thank the following people for their reseach in genealogy, and for allowing me share
                                     their contributions.  Many have shared, not only genealogy facts, but also, family pictures and

                                      Pat Chefalo 
                                      Helen Hamilton Smith- my great grand aunt
                                      Verna Mae Crotser Hamilton- my grandmother
                                      Donna Lea Hamilton Smith- my mother
                                      Glenn and Bonnie Smith- my uncle and aunt
                                      Mary Crotser Karr- my grand aunt
                                      Paul Stroble
                                      Robert and Dolores Wyant
                                      Stephanie Weber
                                      Joyce Koontz
                                      Dianne Curry Morris
                                      Linda Stufflebean
                                      Renee Lasswell
                                      Alberta Smith Wooten
                                      Edward E. Mills
                                      Harold Lowry
                                      Peggy "Crotzer" O'Sullivan
                                      Betsy Farrar
                                      Bruce and Sheila Craig
                                      Belle Zimmerley
                                      Holly Johnson
                                      Don and Jeanine Hartman
                                      Patrick and Jill Hamilton Chefalo
                                      Don Markwell
                                      Garry Pryor
                                      Garthe Leland Benjamin, son of Ronald Bruce -
                                               Garthe is researching: BENJAMIN, WELLS, DUNNING, MULLEY, PECK, HAND, ROBINSON
                                               For more on these Benjamins, visit the "Benjamin Family Association of America Web Site" at
                                               Garthe is NOT researching the Crotser surname.

                                      A special thanks to my mother, Donna, and my hubby, Carl, for tramping through the woods with
                                      me in a never ending search for those elusive cemeteries.