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Camp Cuba Libre

     JACKSONVILLE, FLA., Aug., 6, 1898.
     UNION:  After a week's rest- and I assure you that all soldiers like a rest- I will again tey and give the UNION at least a few notes from Camp Cuba Libre.  The weather is much more pleasant now than last week as it does not rain so much, but the mosquitoes, which are of the Jersey variety, make the nights interesting for the soldiers, while the frogs sing a merry melody which only frogs can sing.
     The health of the boys continues good and with the exception of two or three cases all are able to report for duty.  Those who are not able for duty will be examined today, and will possibly be sent home.
     Rollie Snerley, Chas. Curry, Luke Pummel and Chas. Clark now have kodaks and have taken quite a number of interesting snap shots.
     The Second La. arrived here from Miami yesterday and went into camp in East Jacksonville on a beautiful spot on the river bank.  They will be followed by the first division of the 7th army corps.
     Co. K., 4th Ill. received a car load of goods from Litchfield last Tuesday.  The contents were all gathered by the management of the Daily News of Litchfield.
     Rev. Moody presented each soldier in the regiment with a song book.
     Our guard house has only two prisoners.
     Jas. O. Guinn, Bart Sturgess, John Howawout, Cliff Sweet and Frank Hartman have been appointed corporals.
     Haversacks, canteens, gun slings and meat pans have been issued to the 4th Reg. and the old ones will be sent back to Illinois.
     The trumpeters have received new bugles.
     Jesse Moffet has been elected head cook for Co. I.
     Chas. Curry has been detailed on provost guard duty.
     George Bingaman is suffering from rheumatism.
     The ladies here seem to be interested in the welfare of Corporal Tom Curry, for almost every evening he has several visitors.  The last one brought him a basket of fruit, also a book entitled, "Is marriage a failure?"
     We are now required to take up our tents and floors every four days to let them air also to put lime under them.
     There has been a hospital established at Polo Beach to accomodate two hundred sick and as fast as one patient recovers another will be sent in his place until every sick man has had his turn.  This is a beautiful place for a hospital and no doubt the sick will appreciate it very much.
     Roy Chandler has been appointed orderly at Leut. Washburn's head quarters.
     Chas. Dingey, of Co. I, while feeding the officers' horses had the misfortune to get his arm broken by a bale of hay falling on him.
     Ed Overlease is in the division hospital with measles.
     At rifle range F.C. Bullington ranked third in the regiment.
     Col. Andel, of the 4th, has had a dark room built for the benefit of kodak friends.
     Capt. Houston took a trip last Sunday on the ocean.  He went thirty-five miles down the coast and reported a nice trip.
     Si Bullington has made application to be transferred to Torry's Rough Riders.
     Ira Snyder has been detailed as clerk at commisary.
     Rev. Schivera delivered an interesting address to the soldiers last Sunday in our cook shock.
     Two large vessels are being loaded here with lumber for Santiago.  They will also carry 600 negroes for the service of the U.S. in Santiago.
     John Hawawout took dinner with a lady friend in East Jacksonville last Sunday.
     Capt. Parker has been appointed Adjutant General.
     First N.C. Regiment have raised a 110 foot flag pole on which floats Old Glory.
     The Rough Riders entertained their friends last Friday night with scenes of the far west such as "Indian war dances" "Hanging a horse thief," "Scalping a victim" and exhibition of throwing the lariat.  It was played in true western style.
     To break the monotony of daily camp drill sham battles are fought about once a week.  The last one was between a N.C. regiment and 2nd Illinois.  Such excercises furnish a fruitful theme for discussion in the company streets.
     John Haughwont received a beautiful gold ring from one of his many sweethearts in Illinois.
     L.B. Washburn is acting as Regimental Adjutant to fill vacancy caused by the appointment of Capt. Parker to Adjutant General.
     By order of Gen. Lee the 2nd brigade has been transfered to the 3rd and we will be moved to Panama Park and be placed with the Dutch, Negro, Irish and the Rough Riders.
     Lieut. P.D. Stout and Provate Wm. German started home on a furlough last night.
     The boys are again happy by the visit of the paymaster.  The 49th Iowa was paid yesterday and he will begin on the 4th Ill. this morning.  The boys are all merry in anticipation of the good time they will have after they have been paid.
     Private R.W. Ropiequet of Co. D has been made Sergeant, a promotion that pleases all the boys.  As Sergeant he will be just as popular with the boys as he was as private.
     Three hundred and twenty horses have just been received from Wyoming.  Also 27 troops in charge of Sergeant White.
     Prof. Glenn, of Jacksonville has organized a teachers institute in the 4th Reg. and will give a reception down town in the near future.  The teachers from Co. I are as follows: Aus Foucht, Henry Wilson, Si and Fletch Bullington, Geo. and Wilber Cheney, H.P. Manion,---Walker, John Houawout, Chas. Smith and Geo, Whiteford.
     The 4th Reg. band gives two or three concerts each week in front of Col. Andel's tent.
     Squad No. 3 gave an Indian wardance last Tuesday night with "Sitting Bull" as leader, his followers being Texas Jack (Short,) Midnight John (Sclicter,) Lazy Tom (Tolbert,) Oceola Fletch (Bullington,) Mistletoe Kie (Manion,) Bantam Tim (Courtney,) Rain in Face Charles (Mammen,) Kickapoo Dr. Chas. (Toothaker) and Hobo Ferd (Leonard.)  They all had on war paint and looked exceedingly fierce as they gesticulated around the burning brands of pine.
     Tom Tolbert has been detailed on the regiment ice wagon to deliver ice to the regiment.
     Rev. Sachiverea, one of Rev. Moody's evangelists, talked to the boys in front of Col  Andel's quarters last Wednesday evening.  His talk was quite interesting and well recieved by the boys.
     The Times-Union and Citizen published a denial by Gen. Lee of the statement made by a South Carolina paper that he would  be made military governor of Havana as follows:
     "I have received absolutely no official information on the subject," he said.  "So far as the Seventh Corps going to Cuba is concerned, I suppose that when troops go to Havana, either before or after the city shall surrender, the Seventh Corps will be among the number."