Welcome to the Parrot-House!
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Welcome to our feathered Friends!

We are currently the custodians of 1 orange winged amazon, 1 green rump parrotlet, 1 quaker parrotkeet, 1 moulocun cockatoo, 1 african grey, 1 nanday conure, 1 sun conure, 1 sunday conure, 4 cockatiels. They feast on a variety of vegatble, fruit, pretty bird pellets, nuts and nutri berries just like humans they must have a balanced diet or they will have medical problem. They also receive vet care from an avian vet, this can be expensive yearly workup is at least $80 a bird. Our parrolet has a beak problem which requires a vist every few months for $15 and of course the unforseen. Like when one of our conures went lame, turned out to be a soft tissue injury but still cost $400+ to find out. The there is the no time off from the flock since getting a parrot sitter for so many is impossible so if its more than a day trip we don't go. Oh, and the noise, one of the reasons parrots get abandoned you gotta love it! Anyway before you see a pretty bird and just gotta have it please take the time to realise the will probably outlive you, are expensive to feed and maintain and can be noisy!

African Grey continant
Amazon amazonia
Cockatiel place
Cockatoo central
Conure corner
Macaw world
Parrotlet zone
Quaker pulpit

Thank you for looking at our feathered friends. As you have seen there are many parrots cast off or can no longer be cared for by their owners. Parrots are highy intelligent animals that not only think but have emotions like us. Also unlike other pets they can live as long or longer (some larger species 100+ years!)  than us and require family's that are willing to give them a loving home. If you would like to help us help them you can leave a $1 donation here.