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 Jacksonville, Fla., June 10.
To The Union:
    There is nothing of great importance to report this week.  We have simply settled down to the routine of camp duty.  When the sick call was sounded this morning twenty-seven cases were reported from Co. I, and as I am one of that number I will ask you to excuse a short letter.  Most of the ccases are caused from vaccination and are not serious.
     The Fourth Regiment has not received   any pay  since they wwere mustered in and many of the boys are shy in finance, but it is reported that we will receive our pay in three days.
     The ladies of Jacksonville banqueted the officers of the Fourth Regiment last evening.
     Two Cuban ladies visited Co. I yesterday.
     Gen. Lee reviewed  us on dress parade from his private car Wednesday.
     Capt. Todd preached to the soldiers in the beautiful pine grove west of our quarters Sunday.
     Asergeant of each company in the Fourth will go home next week to get recruits.  The companies will be recruited to one hundred and six men.
     Three men from Co. I were sworn into the regular army; they are M. Hutchison, G. Blackman and T. Wiley, as hospital men for a term of three years.
     Yesterday the Fourth took a march into the country about six miles.  It was hot and the sand in some places ws ankle deep, still not a man fell out of the lines.
     Not a breath of fresh air enters these dismal pine forests, but great bloated insects, spiders and beetles, with great horns and sprawking legs, crawl over the trees and grip your hand if you touch them.  From the waters of the St. Johns river gnarled snouts of alligators protrude, and their beady eyes watch us hungrily as we pass.
     There has been established in out camp a "Canteen," where the soldiers can obtain paper, stamps, etc., without going down town.
     While two men were planting torpedoes at St. Johns Bluff, a torpedo was accidentally discharged, killing one of the men and seriously injuring the other.  Theyr were brought to Jacksonville to be cared for.
     Following is the daily program for Co. I:
 4:45 a.m., Reville.
 5:10 " Assembly.
 5:15 "  Mess Call.
 5:30 " Sick Call.
 5:45 " Police duty.
 6:10 " Inspection of quarters.
 6:15 " Guard Mounting.
 6:30 " Assembly.
 6:35 " Drill Call.
 8:45 " Recall.
 8:50 " School Call.
 9:00 " Assembly.
 9:45 " Recall.
 12:00 " Mess Call.
 4:00 p.m.Drill Call.
 5:00 " Recall.
 6:15 " Mess Call.
 6:30 " Roll Call and Dress Parade.
 7:00 " Assembly.
 9:05 " Tattoo.
 6:15 " Taps.


 7:15 a.m. Assembly Call.
 8:00 " Inspection of Quarters.
 9:00 " Church Call.

     The halcyon days of the soldier are past and we have begun the life of real soldiers, but the boys aaare not disheartened and it is seldom you can find one who wants to go home.  Our stomachs still digesst hard tack and beans, and the mosquitos, being reinforced by sand flies, tell us their troubles until a late hour at night.  But for al these troubles we know our cause is just, and knowing this, we may lean upon the arm omnipotent for strength and be assured that victory will perch upon our banners.

        H.P. MANION


    Sergeant Hall Home

     Sergeant Clarence Hall of Co. I arrived here from Jacksonville, Fla., Sunday morning to recruit men for his company.  He looked a little "the worse for the wear," but was well and reported the boys well and in excellent health and spirits.  He will take about twenty-five back with him when he returns.  At present he is in Effingham with Surgeon McCord of the Fourth.  A number will go over there Friday to be examined as follows:
Daniel D. Dennis   Vandalia
August Humpeler   "
Ira Snyder   "
Christian H. Goodbrake  "
Louis F. Snyder   "
Sam'l E. Robinson   "
A.W. Ledbetter   "
Jas. A. McKnight   Ramsey
O.C. Bolt   "
C.M. Climper   "
John B. Shore   "
Chas. E. Crowder   Vernon
H.D. Ryman   "
Jas. Knight   "
C.W. McKnight   Lana.
Joe E. Wright,   Mulberry Grove.
J.W. Koonce   " "
Fred Cornelius   " "
J.W. Akeman   Shobonier