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Betsy                                       BFB1957@aol.com
Julie                                         RTI@MSN.COM
Rebecca Burnam                     jburnam@commandnet.net
        David Crotzer- Union County; Illinois
Bob & Pat Hickey Cleary        poorbob@midwest.net
Bruce Craig                            bcraig1@uswest.net
       - grandfather was Wright Ben Krotzer known later as Benjamin F. Krotzer.
Marvin & Sharon Crotser        scrotser@hilconet.com
Steve & Marilyn Crotser         crotser.fam@worldnet.att.net
Sherry Smith-Stanford             conure@advancenet.net
        David Crotser b. 1776-1780, d. abt. Feb. 10, 1835 in Fayette County, Illinois (?); married June 2, 1795 in Crane Creek, Rowan County, N. Carolina to
        Eve Eller b. 1785-1790 in Rowan County, N. Carolina, d. aft. 1835 in Fayette County, Illinois.  Had son, David, my 3rd great-grandfather.
Lane Trueblood                       Laneholly@aol.com
Tom Walters                            walters@rocketship.com
Kim Williamson                        kwmson@home.com
Robert & Dolores Wyant         ptah@accex.net
        Elizabeth Crotser b. abt. 1815 in N. Carolina; married Jan. 13, 1836 in Fayette County, Illinois to Gilbert Hall b. abt. 1814 in Maryland.

I'll try to add the surnames that they are researching later on, but don't hold your breath. Or at least the particular Crotser line that they are from.  Please send the description of your family that you want displayed with your name.  Make it short and sweet.  sherry

Their particular line of research is below the researcher's name.

P.S.  If you get a new e-mail address, try to send it to me so that I can update this listing.  Thanks.