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    My husband and I saw this small cenetery from Rt 45 in Douglas County, Illinois and I just couldn't resist checking it out.  It is located on Rt. 45 at 1350N.  2 gravestones were leaning up against trees is the only reason I noticed it.  There is a sign that says Mt. Zion Cemetery  1863.  We found 1 partial stone that was broken and had no name, and 4 other stones.

Jehu W. Prose
D 11-16-1868
aged 53 ys
6 mos & 2 ds

John W. Prose
Died 11-16-1863
aged 53 y 7 m 6 d
Jane Whitcomb Prose
D 1-19-1878
aged 72 ys 10 m 3 d

son of HB & MA
D 9-15-1872
aged 2 months

Henry Crant
 son of LB & V Prose
D 11-2-1863
aged 2 m 2 ds

I will try to return to the cemetery to take pictures at a later date.