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write me again an tell me how you made out

Friday eve. 10/3/75

Dear Helen & Harry: I first want to congratulate you on your anniversary, It would have been ours, also, if Geneva had lived, I never realized it before that you had been married that long.

We are as good as we can hope to be, some good days and some bad ones, I will be 77 in Jan. Martha 76 in March.

I think Bradley will be over to your celebration, I hope all are there and enjoy it. I know your Mother will. I don't think I will make the long trip it is so much trouble carrying Insulin in ice with you on a long trip and I can take the shot every morning at home better than anyplace else. That diabetes has certainly been the Hamilton curse.

I am sending you by mail a Cassette telling something about the Hamiltons and Bradley (Geneva) ancestors, If you can get a recorder you can make a recording of it for yourself, if not, give it to Brad if he is there, if not you can return it to me. now for some recollections, Bradley has them on tape.


My Grandfather, Wm. Hamilton was the son of a Scottish Noble man, who moved to Ireland and built a castle on a river. His son Wm. (my grandfather) left home in 1848, during the potato famine and came to the U.S. Settling in Ohio he married a young woman Named Henrietta (I believe) Sexton and they came to Ill in a covered wagon 1st near Effingham later to Logootee I remember him telling me of this when he stayed with us about 1908-12 or there abouts.

He had several children, Charlie, my father, Wesley, Orlie's father Near Brownstown he lived. Aunt Lug's husband and Lee's father was killed by lightning on his farm so. of Brownstown. Anna Fisher of near Laclede Ill, later moving to Iowa, Laura married a minister in a city in central Ill. Greenville. I can't remember anything anymore. I believe they are all dead now, your mother would know.

The Odells

About the close of the Civil War. Lorenzo Odell, accopmpanied by his younger Brother Hezekiah came to Ill from New York and settled near Loogootee I suspect Lorenzo was already married I don't know we (always) called her, "Aunt Susan."

"Hezekiah," my Grandfather, married Margaret Huestis, her Bro. Bill lived NW. of Loogootee for years. They had several children, Mary Emma my mother, Jesse, Ina, Frank, Ruby's father, and at least one other Bro. Dutch origins and Huestis is French so my mother was Dutch an French. The Huestis Started with a French Nobleman who came over to America with the French leader (Gen) Lafayette, and stayed here. there are lots of Huestis' in the East of USA. so Bradley tells me.

So, Helen, you need not apologize to anyone of your ancestors for they had Good Blood on both sides of the family. I hope this will help you some in your endevors. Tell all I said Hallo and many more anniversary's to come.


Ray & Martha (Hamilton)

P.S. It is an old saying that if you look up your Family tree you will find some of them hanging from the branches.