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Below are pictures that represent 6 generations of the Crotser family.

front, l-r; Fredrick Gilbert- my great grandfather, Nancy Charlotta, Rose May, Nancy Jane- great great grandmother, Charles. back, l-r; George, Ed Doolittle, Gilbert Crotser- great great grandfather.






This is my great grandfather, Fredrick Gilbert Crotser. He ran a vegetable and fruit stand across from my granparent's home in Vandalia, IL.








This is my grandmother, Verna Mae Crotser Hamilton, along with her brother, Charles Fredrick and her mother, Josephine Carter Crotser.









Verna Mae Crotser Hamilton







My mother, Donna Lea Hamilton.








My mother, Donna Lea Hamilton Smith, and me, Sherry Sue Smith.












Sherry Sue Smith and Lisa Ann Smith.







The first Crotser Reunion. Held in Vandalia, IL on August 16, 1997. I'm not sure who all these people are, but they assured me they were descendants of David and Eve Eller Crotser!